Proving Up

In the brutal years of post-Civil War Nebraska, a mother and father are pushed to the brink as their family is pulled apart by loss, isolation, and a relentless pursuit of the American Dream.


From a dark chapter of Greek Mythology, Medea is a powerful woman who bolsters the ambitions of her husband Giasone only to be betrayed and ultimately spurned.

The Dharma At Big Sur

On view for the duration of ONE Festival, this world premiere video installation harnesses John Adams' orchestral masterpiece The Dharma at Big Sur as soundtrack and aural inspiration.


In an empty room, singers, instrumentalists and audience members will gather together as one for a radically reimagined musical exploration of Handel’s Ariodante.

The Wreck

Created on-site in Omaha, The Wreck is an original and immersive production that uses the Slavic mythology of the Rusalka and mermaid folklore to examine themes of feminine experience including longing, escape, fear, rage, and the rituals of farewell and departure.

Upcoming Events

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